We've made it our mission to replace the inefficient incandescent bulbs in the 32 billion Edison sockets around the world with affordable LED bulbs. And we're well on our way – our first LED bulb uses 80% less energy than an incandescent bulb, and lasts 25 times as long.

Our thermal cooling system uses a special liquid to move heat out to all surfaces of the bulb – not just the heat sink – for more rapid, even cooling, just like Edison did. A bulb this cool can handle a lot more power, allowing the LEDs to develop their full brightness, without shortening their lifespan. Our small, energy-efficient driver fits right into the screw base of the bulb. It can take high levels of input power and fuel the LEDs intelligently to regulate the heat. This little powerhouse gives our bulb the ability to turn on instantly, work with most any dimmer, and perform efficiently, in any orientation or fixture.

Light bulbs have typically delivered either attractive light or energy efficiency, but never both. Until now. Our bulb's unique technology and inventive design combine to make it outshine all others. We are the only light bulb maker that uses a dynamic system to diffuse the heat generated by the bulb and disperse light more evenly.

Powered by our breakthrough technology, the SWITCH bulb represents a massive shift in lighting – from analog to digital. Every element of our bulb's internal ecosystem has a job to do, and each function is vital. The intricate circuitry in the top of the bulb stays in constant communication with the command center in the base, making our bulb a shining example of a brilliant, self–sufficient digital system.

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