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Thermal Management
LQD Cooling System

SWITCH LED bulbs offer up to 40% better thermal performance than air-cooled LED bulbs.

SWITCH's advanced LQD Cooling System™ is an innovative blend of two proprietary technologies: a cooling liquid that bathes the LEDs inside the bulb, and a patented driver that is both reliable and highly efficient. The overall electronic design works to cool the LEDs, using the bulb's entire surface to disperse heat. As a result, SWITCH LED bulbs offer up to 40% better thermal performance than air-cooled LED bulbs. Better thermal performance means the SWITCH bulbs can be used in any fixture, even fully enclosed or recessed, and in any orientation without compromising light output or life.

The LQD Cooling System uses a liquid silicone, a coolant commonly used across many industries—so it's proven to work. It's an ingredient found in food products and cosmetics, and it's also used for cooling large machinery and power plant equipment. Our liquid silicone is a benign, food-grade liquid, and is electrically non-conductive, non-toxic and non-staining. It doesn't degrade the LEDs or bulb components in any way, and it doesn't harm people or the environment.

Safe for people, great for cooling LEDs—the LQD Cooling System has earned SWITCH LED bulbs the distinction of being the first liquid cooled lighting product to be UL-approved.

LQD Cooling System
Light Distribution

Liquid improves optical performance.

Light Distribution is improved by using our patented LQD liquid cooling technology. It also improves the energy efficiency making our line of LED bulbs the only choice. Using this technology allows nearly 100% of the light from our LED's to be utilized so that you will enjoy a better light quality. The light distribution is therefore just like an incandescent.


Exceptional dimmer compatibility for total mood
– and cost-control.

SWITCH LED light bulbs work with most dimmers, making it possible to quickly and easily control both light intensity and energy use. We've tested our bulbs extensively with a variety of dimmers, so that you know which ones work best with our bulbs. SWITCH also designs its own patented drivers.

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