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What's the Bright Idea?

The incandescent bulb is going away. The Today Show looks at alternatives, including the SWITCH video

SWITCH makes the best LED bulbs on the planet

Our line of LED bulbs offers lighting solutions for your entire home or business. It's time. Make the video

Liquid cooling in the SWITCH infinia

SWITCH's advanced LQD® Cooling System™ offers up to 40% better thermal performance than air-cooled LED bulbs. watch video

SWITCH infinia in United Church

United Church discusses how SWITCH infinia is saving hours of labor; "We're looking forward to decades of change-free warm pendant lighting," says Pastor Richard video

What's special about SWITCH infinia

Ronan LeToquin, SWITCH's Head of Technology Development, discusses the iconic design, performance and energy efficiency of the SWITCH infinia bulb. watch video

Introducing SWITCH infinia

George Smart and Eleanor Stell talk about upgrading their home lighting with SWITCH infinia video

Fox Business Report

Why it's worth it in the long run to buy pricier LED bulbs, featuring E.C. Sykes CEO of SWITCH Lighting talking about how SWITCH is building a better LED Light bulb!

CBS-TV - BEST of CEDIA 2013 with Dr. Frank Viggiano, Ph.D.

Dr. Frank Viggiano,Ph.D takes you through the benefits of the SWITCH3-WAY LED Bulb! "It's the only 3-Way LED bulb in the industry — you can only find LED's that have one setting — and it lasts over 25,000 hours, which means you will definitely get your money back in energy savings," said Dr. Frank. watch video

SWITCH lights are a beautiful LED bulb option

The SWITCH LED light is an bulb with a difference. It uses liquid cooling to control the temperature of the entire bulb, making it a very good replacement for traditional incandescent lights.

USA Today TECH NOW: Gift ideas for guys who like gizmos

In this TECH NOW, there's a look at the guy-friendly Switch products. Jennifer Jolly. Special for USA TODAY.

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